Written by: Geo Hagan Photography by: JIMA

There’s a really funny and insightful story about Daiki Suzuki, the founder and designer of Engineered Garments. When the brand was first launching several years ago, he was still trying to figure out what to call his new creation. After he brought in an expert pattern maker to draft the first round of patterns, she claimed that the clothes were not designed but rather engineered – because of the intricate and copious amounts of dealing in each item. Suzuki liked the sound of that, and he had officially found the name of his brand: Engineered Garments. 

Since inception, the inspiration behind Engineered Garments has been American sportswear, outdoor clothing, utilitarian design and military uniforms. While scanning the world wide interwebs, we just spotted this great “Workaday” editorial showcasing the latest collection from EG. 

The looks were shot in NYC by the talented photographer JIMA, and you can see the entire shoot at the Nepenthes Japan website. 

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