Envelope Pushing: Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100
Written by Lola DeSimone All images courtesy of Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce’s parent company BMW is indelibly marking a spot in the future with the unveiling of the VISION NEXT 100 (or 103EX) concept car during the BMW centenary celebrations. The vehicle which looks more like a futuristic spaceship on wheels stands at almost five feet tall and almost twenty feet long.  In addition, the iconic “Spirit of Ecstasy” that has conventionally sat on the hoods of Rolls-Royce cars has been reimagined into an ‘Artificial Intelligent’ concierge named Eleanor. 

The 103EX is a 100% autonomous (no steering wheel) electric car (zero-emissions) that is referred to as a “she” because this vehicle gives birth to a new way of thinking that makes you want to be part of the future.  This car is insanely luxurious with exotic wood, silk, a wrapping OLED display, etc. but is only a two-seater – huh, quite odd.  However, the duos that get to experience this enchanting beast from the future will do so from the comfort of the sofa-like seats that look quite inviting.

The whole thing is awesomely dope and the fact that the envelope is being pushed off the table is extremely appealing.  See the images and video below.

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