Esty: The Dark Room
Written by: Geo Hagan

When we heard the single “Killing Your Ills” from the upcoming, ultra-talented singer Esty, we knew we had a true gem on our hands. Her vibe could be loosely described as a futuristic amalgam of Sade and The Weeknd, with a little bit of Maxwell thrown in there for good measure. She has a hypnotizing, sultry sound fuelled by textured instrumentation and flawless arrangement by UK platinum producer, Jess Jackson. Esty’s music draws you in and makes you want to know every little single thing about her. She recently dropped her excellent debut EP called Darkroom, and it’s certainly required listening. See our interview with her below. 

“The EP is a journey through my experiences with lovers…”


Where are you from and when did you first get into music and singing?

I was born in Harlem, NYC and raised in Providence, RI.

Do you mind us asking how old you are?

No, I’m 22-years-old.

Who were your major inspirations and who are the musical artists you look up to the most?

Prince and Michael Jackson – the two Kings.

Every artist has a story of when they had their first big break – when was your big break and how did it happen?

I was wandering aimlessly at the YMCMB Grammy party when I bumped into Tyga and my producer, Jess Jackson.

So what’s your connection with Tyga?

Jess Jackson introduced us and we worked on a few projects together. He’s a sweetheart. I’m currently an independent artist.

Tell us about your Darkroom EP – what kind of sound and overall message are you trying to deliver with that?

The kind of Darkroom I was portraying was where photographs develop from negatives into positive. Relationships can go either way. The EP is a journey through my experiences with lovers.

You have a unique sense of style that we appreciate – how did you develop that?

Thank you. It’s not something that I developed. I just remain true to myself.

Are there plans for tours and a full major label LP release coming any time soon?

Yes I plan to tour Europe and North America, Darkroom might have a part II.

Lastly looking 5 years into the future, where do you expect your career and life to be?

Expectations are disappointments waiting to happen. I’m enjoying each day at a time.

To keep up with Esty – visit www.

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