Etnia Barcelona and Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection
Written by: Julio Fellado All images courtesy of Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona has teamed up with the great Jean-Michel Basquait in a posthumous tribute that is sure to turn heads.  This sunglass collection honors the art master in an extremely flattering and thoughtful manner with a variety of designs to ensure that there is something for everyone.  The commercial appeal of Basquiat is undeniable and when you see his name splashed on objects, the kneejerk reaction is to scream “opportunist” – however,  Etnia Barcelona has been able to portray the icon in a respectable way by creating an exclusive collection of sunglasses made up of four models displaying patterns based on three original works by the artist that make each of the models in this capsule a unique piece, differentiated from the others, with a common denominator consisting of three vertices recalling the three points of his iconic crown, his artistic legacy.  Etnia Barcelona states that like the works of Basquiat, this collection transmits the transgressive, powerful, and emotional aspects of his work that made the artist one of the most important figures in the culture and art of today.  See the collection and a short video below.

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