FDMTL Spring/Summer 2017 Collection Lookbook
Written by Anthony Hagan All images courtesy of FDMTL

Style.No.Chaser’s ongoing love affair with Japanese labels has never been a secret.  Deep amid this steamy ongoing tryst you’ll find the remarkable brand FDMTL.  FDMTL has made many successful appearances on our site and would undoubtedly make the finals if we were to choose our favorite overall brands.  In FDMTL’s Spring/Summer 2017 showing, they continue their never ending experimental journey into denim while also including other pieces to show versatility and well-roundedness.  The indigo items in the collection play with beautifully executed patchwork done with a vintage feel.  The collection also underscores a workman’s casual aesthetic which we find to be simply mouthwatering.  Once again, FDMTL shows the world why authenticity and a clear vision will always remain timeless.

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