Minimalist sneaker brand, FEIT, has been one of our favorite brands for the last several years. To be a successful brand these days, it’s always in your best interest to perfect your brand’s aesthetic and vibe, and FEIT has truly personified that.

FEIT sneakers and mostly crafted from top-quality leather, and are sparsely designed with exceptional construction. That probably explains why their price points are a little on the high side. The brand already has 2 stores in NYC, and they just recently opened their first U.S. West Coast outpost in San Francisco.

The design aesthetic for this new store is unique indeed. They almost took the concept of a regular store, with the stock room in the back, and turned that on its head. In this new space, the back stock of shoes is in plain view for all to see, and actually, it adds a lot to the look of the space. The neutral color scheme the brand loves is still in the forefront, and there are a lot of raw and industrial surfaces to admire: concrete, stainless steel, and a LOT of Baltic Birch plywood. The entire store is 861 sq. ft., and other unique services it offers include: a shoe donation program and free leather conditioning services. We have to give it up to the brand’s founder, Tull Price – this is a really nice expansion to FEIT’s global presence.

Do you like what you see? The new store’s SF address is:

406 Jackson Street
San Francisco, CA 04111

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