FFIXXED Studios Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection
Written by Franz Depangi All Images courtesy of FFIXXED Studios

It is so good to see designers getting funky in a clean and thoughtful manner.  FFIXXED Studios presents an A/W 2015 collection that is inspired by good clean military winter fun together with ensembles of glorious patterns.  This collection which utilizes natural fibers is masterfully created by FFIXXED designers Kain Picken and Fiona Lau who seem to revel in the unexpected because the angles and patterns appear to come from left field but everything actually works together very well.  There is definitely intellect at play here with garments, drapery, shapes and color combinations that evoke thoughts of a garment love affair during the chilly months.  The clothes are are not in your face with arrogance or snobbery, however, they are bold enough to insure that you will be noticed for all the right reasons.  The sweaters, jackets, coats and soft pants are simply alluring.  FFIXXED is going places – take it from S.N.C. 

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