Figurative Impulses with Antoine Cordet
Written by: Anthony Hagan All Art Images courtesy of Antoine Cordet and Photo of Antoine by Caviar du jour

Parisian Antoine Cordet does not sweat the little stuff.  He believes that life can be quite simple if people don’t over think things.  His art touches on melancholy and nostalgia but his general outlook is positive because art gives him liberty to be who he has always wanted to be.  Antoine Cordet created his personal style through intense trial and error and a work ethic that makes him one to really keep an eye on.  His images are haunting and calming at the same time.  It is almost like Antoine knows something we do not and is constantly hinting at what we should be aware of even when it is not overly conspicuous.

See the interview below.

“It’s the possibility to scream without sound; to expose a part of myself that …”

Please tell us a little about yourself – your childhood, siblings, where you grew up, what you liked as a child, strange thoughts as a child/now, unique attributes, where you live now, etc.?
I’m 30 and I’m Parisian. I grew up with two brothers, I’m the youngest. I was a little Tom Sawyer preferring to be with friends instead of going to school. 
I remember I didn’t understand how two people could fall in love with each other – I thought it was an impossible or very rare occurrence, and I still think this today. I am synesthetic – I see numbers in color.

How do you describe your form of art?
I really don’t know.  It is something realistic and abstract. Maybe it can be described as ‘neo figurative’.  My art is something melancholic, nostalgic and static.

What does your art mean to you?
My art means “look at me, I’m here, I exist, I’m Antoine”. It’s also liberty, liberty to have the life I want have. It’s the possibility to scream without sound; to expose a part of myself that I couldn’t show otherwise.  My art has redefined my life and allowed me to be happier and have more trust in myself. 

Your art tends to focus on impairing figures and emphasizing unexpected parts of the face and/or body – Is this done on purpose? What tools do you use for the creation of your work and how did you create your personal art style? 
Yes of course it’s done on purpose. I want to make an apparently accidental or impulsive thing that transmits partial emotion through the painting. I don’t want to give too much information about the subject. Most often, I use acrylic on linen.
I created my own style by observing the work of artists I admire, painting and repainting again and again, experimenting, restarting work, sometimes giving up, thinking, etc.

What is the worst critique you have ever received about your work? What is the best compliment that you have received about your work?
I have not received a critique that I consider to be the worst or maybe I just haven’t been told the bad things that people really think.  But what I think I would hate to hear is “you should have used that color” or “you should have approached the painting this way”.

The best compliment I have received is “you’re not stupid”.

Which artist/s do you look up to the most?
Michaël Borremans and Alexander Tinei.

Since Style.No.Chaser is a men’s lifestyle magazine, what attributes/items/clothing /etc. do you think define a man?
I don’t think something can define a man.  A man is a man, that’s all – even if he wore a dress.  Life is quite simple when you don’t limit your thinking.

What is your personal life philosophy?
Knock and we will open you, speak and we will listen to you, ask and we will respond you.

Who dead or alive, celebrity or not, artist or not, would you like to go on a two week road trip with and why?
Maybe with the person I love, because I want be and share important moments with her and make her as happy as possible. 

What is your favorite movie of all time and why?

Pulp Fiction! But there is a movie I saw a few months ago that was really good – The Grand Budapest Hotel. The scenery is beautiful, the dialogue is enticing and the acting is exceptional (with little charming animations).  Wes Anderson, if you are reading this – I love you.

How can people learn more about your current and upcoming works?
They can check my website, my Facebook page, my Tumblr , my Twitter and my Instagram. Also, I will soon be having my first solo show in a gallery in Munich.

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