Fashion involves change, novelty, and the context of time, place, and wearer. “With streetwear, you can’t go all-in. You need to have something that looks nice but isn’t well-known . . . lest one runs the risk of looking like a “hypebeast” explains August Roth a collector of good fits. For Roth, streetwear fashion shouldn’t be an ostentation of well-known brands like Gucci, Off-White or Supreme. Rather, there’s an element of approachability that he appreciates—he views streetwear as “high-end low-end fashion.” Recently many luxury brands have been collaborating with emerging designers who have that edge – they know whats popping on the streets and bring the real natural street style authentically. It’s a vibe or ‘wave’ – Roth was proudest of his shoes, handmade black military boots from Netherlands-based Filling Pieces because he believed no one had heard of the brand before.

Amsterdam has gained a strong reputation, utilizing eye-catching patterns, premium materials and attractive silhouettes, all in its mission to bridge the gap between haute couture and street fashion.

Filling Pieces has been rocking out for a minute moving footwear and now expanding with their ready to wear gear. It’s a natural step for the low key stylish brand that has been around for close to ten years and quietly did twenty million in sales, the approach can be viewed as an alternative model to the fashion systems model – the “populist” model. Catering more to the ‘style tribes’ types who are precisely more aligned with individuality and personal freedom that has come to be seen as the defining features of our age. This thinking can be seen in Filling Pieces new drops – the high-end low-end fashion formula.

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