Filson Flagship Opening – Seattle

Our store section is one of the more vibrant areas of Style.No.Chaser, and today, we have a true treat for you. Filson is a heritage, outdoors brand that got its start all the way back in 1897. Over the years, the brand has gone from strength to strength, and their newest accomplishment is a spacious flagship in Seattle. The new store occupies 6,400 square feet of prime retail, and along with all the outdoors apparel, there is also a stunning selection of Filson’s luggage and accessories. Basically, what you’ll find here are waxed jackets galore amidst a ton of handsome-looking, up-cycled lumber. Check out the pics below: 

Oh, and we forgot to mention, there is an actual totem pole in the store too. If you’re ever in Seattle and are looking for some “Made-in-America” rustic goodness, you have to check this store out.

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