Fisker Unveils The EMotion
Written by: Staff

The competition is starting to heat up with regards to electric cars, and other modes of transportation that don’t use coventional energy sources. So far Tesla has been the leading name in this field, but hold your breath, there’s a new player in town. Fisker Inc., the brainchild of Henry Fisker, just debuted the design and specs of its new luxury, sport sedan. It’s an all electric car, and it has the ability of reaching a maximum spped of 161 mph. The maximum distance it can go on its fully charged battery is 400 miles.

Other highlights about this new e-vehicle are its sleek, sculptural body boasting a curved front windscreen and an extremely low bonnet. The Fisker EMotion’s body is also made of a lightweight composite carbon fiber and aluminum structure. For more information on this vehicle, read more on Fisker’s website here.

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