There is a reason we used the word “float” in the title, because there is something about the new BMW 7 series that makes you feel as if you’re cruising down Broadway in a luxurious yacht. The ante and has been upped even higher for the new 2020 version debuting in April.

The new upgrades include a massive kidney grille (a signature Beemer attribute), and notable upgrades to the front bumper, front fenders, headlights, and rear lights too. This 6th generation version will also be available in either 6. 8 or 12 cylinder models.

Additionally, the new 7-series will have all-wheel drive options, along with a 740i and M760i models. The latter boasts a 600Hp V12 Engine, that will able to accelerate from 0-60 in 4.9 seconds.

The new 7 Series models arrive in April 2019

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