For Arctic Temps: Triple FAT Goose
Written by: Staff

So we’ve been waiting for Old Man Winter to finally drop and show its full strength, and in NYC, that frigid weather has finally arrived. We are seeing the kind of biting cold with chilling winds that actually cuts at your skin and makes your limbs hurt when you step out for more than 5 minutes. (We might be exaggerating just a bit there, but we think you get the picture). But back to the topic at hand – when the weather dips this low, we recommend you put some dollars aside and get yourself a heavy duty parka from Triple F.A.T. Goose. 

This winter gear company was actually first started in 1987, and it has been resurrected to be even better than it was in the beginning. You may have owned some down jackets in the past, but trust us, this is a different type of beast. Here are some reasons why it’s such a formidable winter jacket. 

– It is thoroughly filled with 80/20 Goose Down

– It has been fashioned from 10,000 mm performance fabric

– It features heavy-duty storm cuffs and side vents 

– It boasts a humongous zip-off hood with real coyote fur trim to protect your dome 

– It even has fleece trims for exact warmth. 

If you need anymore convincing, try this on for size – the F.A.T. in Triple Fat Goose actually represents For Arctic Temperatures. They will work just as good in the North Pole, but conquering the streets of Manhattan will do us just fine. 

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