For Driving Aficionados: Autodromo Shift Knob Key Chain
Written by: Staff

If you’re a true fan of driving, and everything that comes along with the driving culture, then Autodromo should be a brand that you should already be familiar with. Bradley Price is the creative mind behind Autodromo, and he approaches everything he produces with a highly attuned design mind and a true love for classic, well-engineered automobiles. His brand produces exquisite watches, sunglasses, gloves and other accessories, and in a short time, Autodromo has developed a very loyal following. 

The newest release from Autodromo is a Shift Knob key chain that is inspired by the ball shift knob found in so many vintage cars. It is handcrafted in Japan from high quality cellulose acetate, and it is polished to give a sleek, glossy finish. One can also notice a subtle marbled effect that results from the layered construction. For the finishing touch, it is beautifully engraved with a stark, well-defined Autodromo logo. It retails for $65, but what it really represents is driving heritage and refined class. 

To get this driving accessory for yourself, visit the Autodromo site here. 

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