Freedom to Dream – Dr. King
Written by Anthony Hagan

It is no secret that Style.No.Chaser takes art, fashion and lifestyle extremely seriously.  However, if you have been paying attention to our amazing journey thus far, you have undoubtedly realized that ‘freedom’ is our north star. We believe sincerely that freedom is the mother of all expression and creation. Freedom inevitably gives birth to design, sculpture, paintings, color combinations, mind-blowing collages, avant-garde looks, ethereal pictures, celestial pictures, etc.

It is difficult to talk about freedom without paying homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  MLK exuded a deep sense of self that allowed him to dedicate his life solely to the service of others.  His selfless goals question and weaken every selfish and individualistic philosophy that exist in our world.  Another thing MLK stood for, which we believe is a close relative to freedom, is ‘action’.  MLK took action – he spoke against, marched in protest of and challenged injustice everywhere he saw it.  It is no surprise that he received a Nobel peace prize at the age thirty-five.

Most of us look at MLK day as just another day off, but it will be highly negligent not to take some time today to reflect on what freedom really means and how inaction can be equally as detrimental as complicity. 

On a relatively lighter note, let’s give props to how Dr. King put himself together.  Sharp suits, crisp shirts, deliberate ties, distinctive top hats and clean haircuts are some of the superficial things that cloaked this gem of a human being.  His words were pure art and his delivery of these words was poetry in motion Dream on!

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