Fresh 2 Death: Raz Fresco
Written by: Geo Hagan

Real rap is coming back and it’s really dope to see lyrical artists like Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole ruling the Hip-Hop charts. One new artist coming up on the scene is the young gunner, Raz Fresco representing Toronto. He’s just 20 years old, but has already been active in the rap game for the last several years. He’s a connoisseur of real rap, and he even produces his own beats. His highly anticipated new project drops this June, and one of the lead singles “Influenza” features the one and only Raekwon. Don’t sleep, this is one leader of the new school you need to know about. Read on below:

“I’ve stepped it up in terms of production, concepts, delivery …”

First off, talk to us about this new album Pablo Frescobar that’s dropping soon. What can the people expect? 

Don’t want to spoil the album but people can expect some of my best material. I think I’ve stepped it up in terms of production, concepts, delivery, all of that. So people can expect a lot of growth in those areas that reflects the amount of growth I’ve had as an individual. 

Who are some of the producers and key features you have on it? 

I produced all the music on the album with the exception of 2 co-production credits. One from my homie Drago & another one from my manager Soze.

You have a bunch of mixtapes out already, and you’re just 20. How early did you start rhyming and producing? 

I started producing in the 7th Grade. I started writing raps as early as the 1st grade. I don’t remember the specific moment I began writing raps, some of my earliest memories were of myself writing raps. Ever since I was very young I would look for beats online and record raps over the computer mic so I could put together little mixtapes. 

Who were some of your heroes when you first started out? 

Nas, Kanye West, Tupac, Biggie, Rakim, all the greats, there’s to many to list. These people were major influences because they were the ones I was getting a lot of ideas/slang/style/culture from. 

Who are some of your favorite cats in the game right now? 

I would have to say Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Tre Mission, Roc Marciano, Curren$y, Earl Sweatshirt cuz he can really spit, Bishop Nehru, the TDE team is dope, I like some of the A$AP Mob’s work too. It’s a new generation right now. Lot of dope artists that I personally check out and keep tabs on. 

Toronto is winning right now in rap music with Drake holding down the crown of the bestselling artist in the game. How is the rap scene in Toronto and where do you fit in the mix of all the emerging talent? 

The rap scene is experiencing new levels of light, and slowly going through a transformation. Unity is growing. I feel like I fit into the scene as someone who represents the roots of this culture. Hip Hop when it started was a movement that unified inner city youth and brought them together. Music was a big part of that unification process as it was used as a vessel for valuable street knowledge/insight. I wouldn’t move and act certain ways if I never had the wisdom from older cats to guide me. So I feel it’s only right for me as an MC to do that same service for someone else and use my music to help people gain more knowledge of themselves and the world around them. 

You are also affiliated with Duck Down – how did the Dru-Ha connection come about? 

Dru-Ha heard about me through my production work with Bishop Nehru and after introducing himself to me I introduced him to my music and the rest is history. 

Switching speeds, can you discuss a little bit about your fashion style and what brands you usually fuck with?

I’m known for rocking a lot of Hilfiger, Polo Sport, Starter, Nautica and stuff like that. The vintage stuff. I try to mix it up with the new stuff. I like Camo and dope color blocking in general. 

What would you say is your favorite sneaker of all time? 

Maybe the Jordan 7 Raptors or Jordan 8 Aquas.

Lastly is there anything you want the people to know about your movement and how they can keep up with your projects/tours etc? 

My debut album “Pablo Frescobar” comes out June 2nd via BLKLIGHT/Duck Down Music. Mark your calendars. Just dropped my latest single “Influenza” Ft. Raekwon The Chef via Complex Magazine.

The movement is BKR$CLB, and we got a lot of dope projects/music out. Shoutout The 6th Letter, ChillxWill, BriskInTheHouse, and Lo Thraxx. Get all their projects along with mine at  We got over 30 projects out in total. 

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