From Lisbon With Love: The Memmo Hotel

As far as European cities go, Lisbon is sort of a hidden gem. Of course, people always rave about Paris, Barcelona and Rome, but Lisbon’s beautiful cityscapes and enticing culture never get enough love. Well, we just found another reason for you to give Portugal a thorough look the next time you’re planning your European vacay. It’s a new 5-star hotel located in Lisbon’s chic Principe Real district. It’s called the Memmo Hotel, and it juxtaposes the retro feel of traditional Lisbon, while showing off its lovely Limestone floors and nostalgic Portuguese masonry. 

The luxury continues into the hotel’s bedrooms. They feature custom furniture made from majestic oak, and get this, the luxe amenities in the rooms are courtesy of upscale brand, Hermes. The stunning 4-story hotel was designed by architect Torres de Carvalho, and it’s a must-visit for whenever you visit Europe.

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