Jojo Abot is an artist in every sense of the word. From creating visual art, to sewing her own outfits and creating her own music, Jojo is the true definition of what an artist is.

Jojo is primarily known for her music, which she describes as AFRO-HYPNO-SONIC, A fluid fusion of various genres and vibrations. Afrocentric, hypnotic and sonically immersive.

Just this past spring, music legend Lauryn Hill personally sought out Jojo and invited her to perform at her ‘Diaspora Calling’ Concert, which took place at the Kings Theatre in Flatbush, Brooklyn with a live stream on Tidal.

“Never be tied to the versions and chapters of yourself that you or others may experience. Challenge …”

Early this summer, Lauryn Hill announced that she would be taking the Diaspora Calling Concert on tour across the United States, Canada and Japan and just last week she announced that Jojo will be joining her in a few of the cities.

This past weekend, Jojo put together a series of events dubbed the ‘FYFYA WOTO Experience’ which is a series of Pop-Up multimedia interactive residencies through which artist, JOJO ABOT, created creative spaces for freedom of expression and human connection.

The FYFYA WOTO Experience was made possible with the support of brands such as Ilegal Mezcal, WTRMLN WTR, Play Too Much and Color Station.

Jojo also used the event communication platform Hobnob to create custom invitations for each event as well as to send event regular event updates and messages directly to guests.

Speaking on Jojo’s use of Hobnob, Hobnob’s Director of Marketing Catherine Hagan said, “ Hobnob is all about celebrating cool creative people doing cool creative things and Jojo and her events fit in perfectly in what Hobnob stands for. Jojo appreciates her fans and Hobnob gives Jojo the opportunity to give each of these fans the opportunity to interact directly with them through the events she puts together.”

SNC caught up with Jojo to talk about her FYFYA WOTO Experience series as well as other projects she has coming up.

How do you describe yourself?

Mostly Human

How long have you been doing what you do (your art)?

It’s been a process of constant evolution in the past 6 years but I would dare say my spirit has been storing knowledge and wisdom since birth that has allowed me to create from the well of inspiration that I do today.

Tell us about the first time you performed at a Lauryn Hill event

It was spectacular to see a living legend do her thing for 85 minutes straight. Presenting a 30 man band alongside incredibly choreographed dance routines and tons of re-composed music takes a lot of work and that woman did her thang effortlessly. She is a master of her craft and is incredibly in-tune with her art. Seasoned artistry birthed through years of discipline and devotion to ones craft is hard to come by these days and I cannot say this enough, Ms Lauryn Hill is a master of her craft and contribution to our universe. Best part, she does it on her own terms. Boss vibes.

How did it come about?

Her management reached out. Quite simple really.

Do you see a Jojo Abot/Lauryn Hill collaboration in the future?

All she has to do is call. LOL

Seriously though, I would love nothing more to understudy her. Pull from the wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience she has accumulated over the years. That would be a true treasure.

How did the FYFYA WOTO Experience series come about?

I needed to get it out. I simply needed to be in space where I was on the same level as my fans and the supporters of my work. I needed intimacy with them. I no longer wanted to be disconnected on a stage. I needed them to feel my energy and I theirs. I needed to share in a deeper way.

Which of the events was your personal favorite?

The entire 72 hours was incredible. I enjoyed the peace our night of meditation offered, the joy and laughter shared on performance day and the sincere love among strangers share on Sunday. The goal was to create a safe space for human connection and expression and I believe we had many moments throughout the weekend that reaffirmed the beauty that explodes when humans come alive.

Which of the events did your fans relate to the most?

All of it to be honest. It’s been less about the quantity but rather the quality of each participant’s experience and so based on that I think different moments of the 72 hours resonated deeply with different people. Knowing that each person in the room at any given moment was having their own unique spiritual experience and perspective of things was humbling and empowering in many ways. 

Can we expect to see more of such events?

ABSOLUTELY. I am looking to partner with spaces in Brooklyn and Manhattan to continue to expand the project. From people’s homes to galleries and other event venues… call me. Let’s make magic together.

What can we expect to see from you at the MLH Presents Diaspora Calling Tour?

An evolved self and tons of new music.

Tell us more about the New Museum residency program

NEW INC is a museum New Museum lead incubator for art, design and technology. It’s an incredible space where unique creatives are given the tools and resources to develop work that enhances the human experience and challenges our perspectives on life and living it. I’m in the program looking at how technology can enhance performance and experience art through mediums such as fashion, visual art, music and literature.

What is your personal life philosophy?

FYFYA WOTO meaning New Birth, New Discovery. Never be tied to the versions and chapters of yourself that you or others may experience. Challenge yourself to grow. To expand. To overcome. Let your will and your faith guide you. Give power to the God within.

Who dead or alive, celebrity or not, artist or not, would you like to go on a two week road trip with and why?

Bob Marley… he gets it.

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