GALL Spring/Summer 2016 Collection
Written by: Sandeep Chopra All Images courtesy of GALL

GALL’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is a journey into modernity, expression, youth and experimentation.  The color pallet is primarily dark with some flares of gray and some interesting marble-like prints that inject some levity into a collection that is quite stern.  The silhouettes are mostly architectural with some very innovative paneling and cutouts that allow men to be a little more daring and free than usual.  The variety of items in this showing is very conducive to mixing and matching and there are definitely individual pieces that could be closet staples and potentially stand the test of time.  Clothes in the collection will undoubtedly start conversations and attract envious stares.  It is clear that GALL is at the forefront of where fashion is heading and it is not a bad idea to ride shotgun with this savvy brand.

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