Gear Patrol X The FJ Company

Gear Patrol is one of the most respected men’s online magazines in the publishing industry. Honestly, there are few publications that capture that elusive sense of wanderlust and exploration as well as GP. To further cement the site’s cred as a creative content oasis for adventurers, the publication recently collaborated with the FJ Company to create a special edition 1980 FJ40. The classic ride was outfitted with gunmetal grey wheels and the full complement of outdoors and trail needs. 

With regards to its exterior aesthetics, it features the original factory white color, and its original hardtop is replaced with a custom soft top. If you’re looking to escape the constraints of urban cosmopolitan living, this vintage SUV is your spaceship to freedom.

See pics of the exterior and interior below: 

If you’re loving this vehicular flow, check the FJ company’s website here

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