Genesis Unveils: The New York Concept
Written by: Staff

The luxury car scene is really heating up. It’s rapidly getting to the point where it’s not just a few select car companies (Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, Lexus, Jaguar, etc) who have a stranglehold of the luxury car market. One of the newest names to watch in the luxury echelon is Genesis, which is the elite tier division of the company Hyundai. Genesis just unveiled their first New York Concept, and it’s a chic, high-tech sports car with a sleek design that the company describes as ‘Athletic Elegance mixed with modern luxury.’

This futuristic luxury sedan has a luxe interior and several high-tech features including a 21-inch, 4K curved screen developed in tandem with LG. This screen boasts multi-touch buttons, rotary dials and a 3D-gesture control system. The Genesis New York concept also has a 2.0 GDi hybrid engine that can easily outmatch any other vehicle in its class – C-Class, A4, and 3-Series. 

If the Genesis Concept piques your interest, be sure to find out more about it here 

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