“A missed dream to pursue a career in fashion design has guided Raymond Santana to create Park Madison NYC. Raymond’s vision, by way of designer Dontay Wilder, is to bring inspirational clothing to the inspirational male.”
Santana spent five years in prison for a crime he did not commit, losing the years left in his youth, as well as the joy he found in drawing. He was one of the Central Park Five, who were all wrongfully convicted of the attack, and were finally exonerated in December 2002 based on the confession and DNA evidence of a convicted murderer and rapist. After his exoneration and civil settlement, Santana felt he could explore more of what the world had to offer as well as the dreams that were almost taken away.
Raymond Santana Finds His Passion for Fashion at Home in Harlem
Park Madison NYC was almost a dream deferred which is also the inspiration behind the development of the brand.
Harlem’s Famous Late Night Snack…

Santana explains that Park Avenue is filled with high rise apartments and doormen, while Madison Avenue actually has shops and boutiques, so ideally you would live on Park and shop on Madison. Park Madison NYC became the tribute brand name and has started with the creation of graphic tees, sweatshirts, and hats. His vision, which includes Harlem landmarks like Willie’s Burgers and symbols of success like vintage BMW graphics, has been brought to life with the help of designer Dontay Wilder. Also featured are images of historical angel statues which, “tell a part of my history, especially if you’re spiritual, angels watching over me throughout my travels… it was an acknowledgment,” said Santana.

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