In the current hip-hop environment of Trap Music galore and Mumble Rap on steroids, one is prone to forget the gems that blessed our senses in the yesteryears.  Without sounding like an angry old fart, sitting in a porch rocking chair, yelling “back in my day things were more authentic”, it is still important to pay homage to the artistes that gave us goosebumps through mastery of craft.

Just thinking about the Redman and K-Solo track ‘It’s Like That (My Big Brother)’ that appeared on Redman’s third album ‘Muddy Waters’ released in December 1996 gets me hype.

And the video for the song was sheer genius – it made you want to backslap any non-hip-hop head on sight.  The video was energetic, raucous, resourceful and pure culture.  The song produced by Redman and Eric Sermon spit-fired lyrics that offered an ample amount of braggadocio in a tone that would put a spine in a slug.  If you have not heard the Muddy Waters album, go and get it now and put in your 10,000 hours, Punk!  See video below.


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