What a time to be alive – technology is getting insane these days and fashion refuses to be left out of the fray.  With technology enabled wearables such as watches and jewelry already somewhat common, actual clothing is getting its time in the sun.  Levi and Google have come together to create a “Commuter Trucker jacket” with touch sensitive sleeves that allow you to be fully connected while riding your bike. The collaboration which was announced about a year ago has finally come to fruition with a $350 fully washable fly denim jacket that does a good job of meshing technology and style in a non-intimidating manner.

The jacket takes advantage of technology from Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP), which involves weaving multi-touch sensors into clothing.  The jacket’s cuffs (and one key tag on the left sleeve) act as a control panel that allows the commuter to take calls, read messages, respond to messages, navigate maps, listening to music, etc. without pulling out a phone.  By swiping gesture-sensitive sleeves (enabled with woven thread sensors), the wearer of the jacket can start or stop certain functions from a Bluetooth synced phone.  The jacket works with iOS or Android devices through a mobile app.  The jacket will be available for purchase on 10/02/2017.  See a video of the jacket below.

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