GQ’s Best Dressed Man of 2016 – Roger Federer
Written by: Geo Hagan

Can you all stand up please, because we have a very important announcement to make. GQ, the preeminent menswear magazine has just tallied up all the votes and announced that the most stylish man of 2016 is none other than the iconic Swiss Tennis player, Roger Federer. We have to be honest and admit that we really didn’t expect this one. GQ has gotten a lot more trendy lately, probably in a bid to a lure more subscribers and online clicks – so we were expecting someone like Kanye, Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber or David Beckham to be crowned the best dressed man of 2016. Funnily enough, all those names were included in the running, in addition to the likes of Justin Theroux, Tom Hiddleston, Edgar Ramirez, Young Thug and Lewis Hamilton. 

Federer may have dropped out of the top 10 in the ATP Men’s Singles Rankings, but his style regimen has definitely stepped up. One can describe his style as “Dapper Aristocrat” with a nice sprinkling of Parisian laissez-faire. For what it’s worth, we cosign this pick. 

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