Greg Lauren Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
Written by Belvar Michkin All Images courtesy of Greg Lauren

Shown during New York Fashion Week, Greg Lauren (nephew of the iconic Ralph Lauren) unveiled a Fall/Winter 2016 Collection that was boldly original and blatantly direct with themes that you identified right away.  The clothes embodied hard work – never have shreds, rags, patchwork and a decrepit aesthetic looked so polished.  There is no doubt that a lot of work was put into the collection.  Everything seemed to be appropriate for the theme – actually sometimes the ensembles seemed overly deliberate and unnecessarily elaborate.  But what came through quite intensely was a sense of honor that comes from delving deep into one’s trade.  The clothes exalted the heroes and workers of our everyday world and although most of them were draped in masterfully tattered attire, reverence was very present.  Greg Lauren walks a fine line between costume and wearable, and some combinations seemed to zig-zag across that fine line but this did not take away from the obvious intricacy of his work.  We will be watching this dude to see what he brings next.

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