Gripbell – Functional, Versatile and Elegant Workout Equipment
Written by: Jackson Gradielle All images courtesy of Gripbell

GripBell is a Health & Fitness Products company based out of California. The Gripbell, the all-in-one piece of universal fitness weighted equipment, is the culmination of design, function and innovation.  It has been quite a while since we’ve seen a free weight that breaks from the norm in such an elegant manner.  Gripbell is an innovative workout system that combines all of the possibilities of free weights, a kettlebell and dumbbells into one, multi-grip weight to maximize your results in a minimal amount of time. Gripbell, unlike other weight systems, perfectly distributes the weight so you can challenge yourself to complete more intense routines

Mark G. Wood, Inventor, Innovator, CEO and major owner of the Gripbell company was determined to create a workout tool that embodies fun for the soul, body and mind.

The Gripbell possesses several features including:

–          Different hand positions on the weight work various body parts

–          Burn factor multiplies as you workout

–          No need to switch weights for different workouts, Gripbell acts as multiple workout accessories in one

–          Comes in 3,5,8,10 and 12 pound options

–          As well as an intense 30-minute workout video included

Gripbell has been used by Nyle DiMarco, America Next Top Model Cycle 22 winner, who is also features in full glory in a few the company’s campaign material.  This tool has many potential uses primary driven by its numerous grip positions and versatile design.  Stretching, physical therapy, strength exercises, CrossFit, yoga, dance, aquatics, oar-rowing routines, etc, all have potential applications with this exercise equipment.

Similar to free weights, Gripbell provides unstable force which is the key to effective strength training. Unlike free weights though, Gripbell has a perfectly distributed weight so that the user can challenge themselves to a more intense routines without worrying about losing control of the weight. It is easy on the skin and hands. There is no direct contact with metal or hard materials, which reduces the chance of the equipment slipping from the user’s hands causing pain or injury.

The internal frame of Gripbell is made of recycled cast iron with the cores of the lightest two weights made of solid PVC. The exterior is a molded-over hypoallergenic polyurethane seamlessly allowing every inch of it to feel exactly the same.

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