Gucci 4 Rooms Art Project
Written by Trevor Vargas All images courtesy of Gucci

The Creative Director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele who was appointed in January 2015 has on an ongoing basis shown his propensity for disruptive visual assaults and his proclivity for art.  The current Gucci 4 Rooms project does not deviate from Alessandro’s modus operandi.    Japanese artists Daito Manabe, Chiharu Shiota, Mr., were invited by Alessandro to create artistic rooms based on fresh motifs to underscore the groundbreaking ethos of the iconic brand. Shiota created a room around the brand’s Herbarium pattern, Manabe used Gucci ‘Words’ to hammer home letters that have become synonymous with the brand, and Mr. designed a room based on some of Gucci’s fauna imagery.  All these rooms will be shown digitally at a new Gucci site –, but will also be physically shownb at Gucci’s Flagship Ginza store in Tokyo. The rooms will show Gucci’s A/W 2016 Collection as well as jewelry from the 2017 Cruise Collection.  There is a fourth artist, Trouble Andrew who is reported to have created a secret room that can only be unlocked on the site only after certain elements in the other three rooms are discovered.  This whole thing is so much fun – it is like active fashion – get of your ass and participate in this Pokémon-like escapade with the one and only Gucci. 

Shiota and the Herbarium Room

Manabe and the Words Room

Mr. and the Garden Room

Trouble Andrew and the Ghost Room

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