Guys Night Out with Bene Rialto
Written by: Geo Hagan Photography courtesy of: Bene Rialto

Last Thursday night, the Style.No.Chaser team had the opportunity to co-host a Guy’s Night Out shopping event in a great new multi-floor retail space in midtown Manhattan called Bene Rialto. It was an entertaining evening with tasty bites and lots to drink. We sipped on Uisce Beatha Irish whiskey, Brooklyn Brewery Lager, Folonari Pinot Grigio and there was a stylish & friendly NYC crowd in attendance. 

The true stars of the event were the Bene Rialto space itself (which recently opened to impressive fanfare) and the men’s brands being highlighted that night. There was the men’s grooming brand King’s Crown that offers amazing handcrafted shaving accessories with blades made in Solingen, Germany. King’s Crown also has an impressive 500 year heritage, and they have a fine array of men’s skin products as well. Another menswear brand on display was Ministry of Supply. The remarkable facet of this Boston-based label is how much they focus on the fit, functionality and design of their menswear separates to create clothes that will stay in your closet for many seasons to come. They also utilize advanced technology methods to add to the overall functionality of their products. 

We also spent a good part of the evening chatting with the talented Dana Glaeser of the young, handcrafted leather brand Slightly Alabama. It’s always inspiring to see a craftsman so passionate about his product and Dana is an excellent example of skill, dedication and drive. His beautiful leather tote bags and smaller leather accessories are nothing short of exquisite and the quality definitely shines through in each piece. The pieces are also very well priced, so definitely check this one out.  

To round it all off, there was the elegant footwear brand Cruyff that takes its inspiration from legendary Dutch soccer player Johan Cruyff. If you’re in the market for sleek designer trainers made from the finest materials, this is one brand you definitely need to look into. They come in a range of subtle, understated base colors with a touch of patent paneling for the right amount of contrast. 

A big thanks to Glen, Caryn, David, Josephine and the entire Bene Rialto team for being perfect hosts and we look forward to seeing them at the next event. Cheers!

PS: Just an FYI, Bene Rialto also carries some killer women’s brands, so the ladies can get in on the action too! 

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