Han Kjobenhavn Fall/Winter 2014
Written by: Staff

By now, we have come to realize that Han Kjobenhavn, the progressive Copenhagen-based brand doesn’t play it safe. For their latest collection, they really take things to another level with a full-on theatrical presentation that transpired at the National Museum of Denmark. Borrowing some really creepy masks from the popular first-person shooter video game Half-Life 2, they sent out muscle-bound giants of men riding white bicycles while pulling carts carrying models in their Fall 2014 attire. Despite all the drama associated with the presentation, the clothes were wearable and thoughtfully delivered. Silhouettes were sleek, the colors consisted of darker and neutral palettes, there were some nice puffer vests/jackets and the knits featured bold geometric patterns. The footwear was very directional too – high-top shapes with very clean lines. 

It’s hard to hate on a brand with such a focused yet unorthodox approach with both their garments and accessories. Han Kjobenhavn is certainly a breath of fresh air in the current menswear space. See the video of the show below:

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