Harber London are crafters of handmade leather goods, they keep their designs clean, simple and functional. “After years of awkwardly carrying stuff around, filled pockets, filled backpacks and a need to better carry our stuff more organized, we wanted to create a good looking organizer that was comfortable, adaptable and yet practical when going around. Hold your cords, keys, credit and business cards, a small notepad, paint brushes or tools, and everything you might need in a slim and stylish fashion.”

Using the most exclusive and superior materials available, their products are simple, good-looking, and aesthetically minimalistic – all handcrafted in Spain with luxurious veg tan leather – a material that ages beautifully and the interior is a soft, fully padded moisture-wicking wool felt (an eco-friendly and sustainable material) that will protect your prized possessions from bumps and scratches.

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