Hed Mayner Fall/Winter 2016 Collection
Written by: Bobby Agboloso All images courtesy of Hed Mayner

The Fall/Winter 2016 Collection of Hed Mayner arrives like a stylish thief in the night to steal away your inhibitions and clothe you with oversized historic looking garments with a distorted modern twist.  One can’t help but applaud the designer in his very progressive quest to display menswear in a new and very interesting light.  The collection is an amalgamation of layered bulky goodness, and although you do need guts to rock these looks, if and when you muster the courage to do so, we are certain that you will stand out and most likely be applauded.  The colors in the collection are mostly subdued in browns, off-whites and beiges but there are some interesting pops of blues, yellows and blacks that add to the intrigue.  See some looks from the collection below.

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