Heritage Division X Taurus Bicycles
Written by: Geo Hagan

Here at SNC, we’re all about function and utility combining with art & design. This latest collab falls into this cherished space quite nicely. Today, we’re showing you a beautiful new handcrafted bicycle from 112-yr-old Italian bicycle company and the new design collective known as Heritage Division. Taurus has maintained a treasured family tradition of bicycle craftsmanship in Italy since 1908 – and with this new partnership, the company is about to make its debut in the US.

The new bicycles will continue to maintain their prestigious, timeless aesthetic, but touches of modern technology will be added as well. For example, a GPS locator will be positioned inside the frame of the bicycle so the owner will be able to trace the precise location of the bike in case of any theft. There is even something more special. Every single bike’s trajectory will be traceable online; from the manufacture stage in the factory to the first ride taken by the new owner. 

For more information, visit www.HeritageDivision.com

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