Hila Perry

Where are you from:

NYC/Tel-Aviv (mad cultured).

How did you get into film making?

Well, my daddy bought me a camcorder when I was 12… and it all kind of went downhill from there.

Tell me about the name and persona Hila the Killa, how did this come about?

When your name is Hila (pronounced in English like Hilary—but without the “ry” or the political affiliation) and you grew up listening to the Beastie Boys, you really have no choice but to tack on the most obvious rhyming word to the end of your name. Variations include “Hila the Vanilla” and “Hila the Gorilla” (pre-shaving days). The actual rapping started with a sound project I did freshman year at NYU. The assignment was to create an audio piece where every sound was a product of your own voice. So I mimicked every drum hit I could think of, created a beat, looped it, and NYU Film Rap was born. The video was like a cigarette after sex: necessary and made my bed smell like shit.

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