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Celebrities are often spotted flaunting gorgeous matching outfits when attending social events. Galas, premieres, receptions, and cocktails are the perfect occasions to match his and hers outfits. Nonetheless, we have also attended a number of events where couples were either trying too hard to coordinate their wardrobes or not trying at all, thus resulting in a lamentable failure.

For those who value their image and reputation, this can often come at a high cost. It leaves behind a trail of questions regarding the couple’s level of communication and threatens to shatter their credibility as fashion icons. Regardless of your social status, matching your partner’s outfit speaks volumes about your sense of style, personal brand, as well as your stability as a couple.

While this endeavor to match each other’s outfits might seem easy at first, there are a few tricks in the book that everyone needs to be aware of when attending a social event with their significant other.

Here at Style.No.Chaser we’ve garnered the most important tips guaranteed to give you a flawless, coherent image as a couple. Take a look and tell us if you agree. 

“Identically matching outfits for couples are the worst idea. Dressing in style and maintaining …”

Tip #1 – Communicate Openly

Being a power couple is not only about social status, but also about proper communication. This component is key when it comes to matching your outfit with that of your partner. Take the time to discuss the social event you are attending. Are you planning a date night? Are you attending a theater play? Perhaps you are invited to a gala dinner hosted by one of your companies. Heading for a weekend walk in the park? 

It’s important to know if your partner expects to match outfits in some of this situations. It’s equally important to agree whether you’re abiding the rules of formal dressing, semi-formal dressing or dressing casually. Each of these situations implies a different code which allows you to play with your outfits within the conventions. 

Tip #2 – Achieve the Same Level of Formality

Once you’ve decided that you should match your outfits, the key element is striving to achieve the same level of formality. If the missus attends the theater play in an elegant evening dress, then the mister should be donning a similarly elegant attire. In this particular situation, attending the theater play in sneakers and shorts isn’t quite the best idea. 

Instead, communication is once again key. A social event such as attending a theater play typically requires formal or at least semi-formal wear. Decide what both of you will be wearing and agree on the details. If her outfit includes a contemporary jewelry item comprising Japanese Akoya pearls, then his outfit should include an equally elegant detail such as cufflinks. 

Tip #3 – Match Your Essential Accessories

As in the example above, one way to tackle the task of matching his and hers outfits is to match the essential accessories. Making the best of this tip can mean that you’re both building a flawless coherent style in a ‘bottom-to-top’ approach. 

Working your way from the accessories to the actual outfit is much simpler and usually pulls his and hers looks together. Make no mistake: matching accessories for him and her doesn’t mean identical. Exquisite nude pumps for her shouldn’t suggest that he wears shoes in nude tones.

Tip #4 – Match Your Outfits in Style

This tip refers mostly to choosing the colors of his and hers outfits wisely. Unless you’re planning a Halloween matching outfit for the both of you, avoid wearing the same colors head to toe. 

Most couples don matching outfits in exactly the same colors. Denim wear for both of you is simply unsightly. If her outfit for a dinner party includes a chic little white dress, his attire shouldn’t be composed of a white tailored suit, no matter how well it looks. Instead, trying finding a balance between matching colors and pay attention to tip #5. 

Tip #5 – Choose Accent Colors

Identically matching outfits for couples are the worst idea. Dressing in style and maintaining a coherent couple look while emphasizing each of the partners’ distinct personality may prove a daunting task. Nonetheless, it’s not impossible.

Instead of aiming to sync the colors of his and hers outfits, choose accent colors. Discuss the colors that you both agree with and try to find the best way to incorporate them in your outfit. For instance, a smart attire for her could include a light gray version of a form-fitted, well-tailored chic and above knee LBD. She would accessorize it with a graphic bag where the accent color is yellow. A cuff yellow bracelet would complete the look. 

In this case, his outfit doesn’t have to be entirely gray. A pair of smart casual pants in a lighter color paired with a classic tee or shirt and a pair of sporty shoes that only feature one yellow line on their sole is sufficient. The yellow hues are the exact accent colors that make his and hers outfits match and look beautifully together. For an elegant touch, donning the right cufflinks will elevate the outfit and keep up with her jewelry.

Thus, when searching to match his and hers outfits, don’t go over the top. Aim for coherence, but not for identical outfits that cancel the individuals’ personalities and their preferences. There are other means to achieve a tied together look for both his and hers outfits and these include finding accent colors and emphasizing the matching accessories. 

Heather R. Carlson is a fashion writer and a contributing editor at Pearls Only. She has a deep interest in men’s fashion, offbeat accessories and streetwear.

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