Holiday Gift DON’Ts for Guys
Written by: Sally Paton Photographs of Sally Paton by: Scott Lowe, Cheyne Tillier-Daly and Thom Perry

Style.No.Chaser’s good friend Sally Paton (Australian born NY-based model) is back to share some holiday cheer. Regular visitors already know that Sally is the guru of all things millennial and her social wisdom is only dwarfed by her beauty.  This go-around, Sally delves into the dark art of gift giving and handily divvies priceless advice on what guys should and should not do when gifting.  It is quite illuminating.

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“Particularly, festive-themed lingerie, please stay away …”

The holiday season is a time for giving! And thus receiving too. I think I speak for most girls when I say I LOVE PRESENTS. Not in a consumer whore way… but in a ‘yay they care’ way. For me, any gift is a good gift, but there are certainly some gifts which are better than others. Let’s face it. Some guys suck at presents. Guys, here’s what to avoid in order to lessen the suckage this year.

Gym membership – Any other membership is great! To an art gallery she loves, a pottery class, or maybe something fun/active the two of you can do together. But yeah, with the festive overindulgence, no girl wants to ponder whether her boyfriend thinks she needs to consider going to the gym. Think about it boys.  Think before you dig yourself into a lonely hole after the season ends.

Lingerie – Particularly, festive-themed lingerie, please stay away from it. I didn’t know men did this. But trust me, they do. Stop it. If you really want to buy her something sexy, gift her a beautiful nightgown. But never Miss Claus-esque lingerie! STAAP!. 

Kitchenware – Even if she loves her baking, it just seems like you want her to get back to the kitchen. It would have me throwing the babushka doll measuring cups at him hollering ‘I don’t need no man!’ 

Nothing – Even if you’ve only been seeing the girl for a really short time, it’s Christmas! The spirit of giving is thick in the air. You can at least get an inexpensive item which shows that you know her interests like a Seinfeld keychain or a book on her favorite artist. This shows you are thoughtful and it also protects you from any downside because if she did not get you anything, your gift doesn’t seem too forward!

Something broken – Last Christmas my boyfriend at the time gave me a film camera which I thought was so wonderful until I tried to use it a few days and it didn’t work. When I told him, he asked me if I had ‘dropped it’. He then said he’d get it fixed and then somehow lost it and tried to blame me for losing it.  Needless to say, I lost him not long after. Moral of the story is, don’t give a girl a gift which you don’t know how to us and/or is broken. Because we then circle back to the above point where you got them Nothing. That’s breaking two of my rules. Bad boy!

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