Hotel 1171 Fall/Winter 2014
Written by: Staff

Hotel 1171 is a well-rounded, full-range brand from Los Angeles. They just recently came to our attention, and we have to say, we like what we see. Their name is inspired by freedom and discovery, and for the company’s owners, the word “Hotel” represents the excitement and adventure of exploring new cultures and fulfilling one’s own destiny. We totally concur; hotels are often a transition point – you are either coming or going, and there’s always some motion and movement involved. After all, when you remain stagnant, you ultimately die. 

For their Autumn 2014 offerings, we see a subtle and expertly styled offering featuring lightweight full-length coats, cut-and-sew t-shirts, skinny sweatpants, polka-dotted baseball caps bearing the brand’s minimal logo and comfy varsity jackets in unique fabrications. We also saw some natty short-sleeved, button-up shirts that serve as great layering pieces for a mild west coast winter. 


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