Igor Dadona F/W 2014
Written by: Kwesi Adjin Photography by: Gustavo Chams

Igor Dadona, the fresh face of menswear in Brazil shaking things up with his edgy and very royally left field F/W 2014 collection.  The collection is unapologetic with a point of view that is very different from the herd.  The collection is inspired by American painter Michael Huesar who is known for his ultra-realistic and sometimes disturbing creations of whimsical gore.  Igor’s collection is not gory, but it does disturb the status quo.  The lookbook’s imagery is medieval in nature with models donning black and transparent crowns.  There are also visible tear-like pearly objects on some of the faces depicting a stoic, somber and playful feel.  The outfits are primarily in black and white and although some of the pieces are very wearable, a few of the pieces require the services of a tried and true fashionista to adequately pull off the looks.  The fabrics used are mostly flowing and are all quite beautiful.  We, as usual, applaud the bravery of this newcomer who will definitely make a mark if he continues his gallant march towards individuality.  

About the designer:  We found out that Igor does not have a big investor or big team backing his brand.  He has his talent, his dream and his heart and he is pushing forward.  Before Igor started his brand, he did some fashion stage work, worked as a stylist and also worked as a fashion journalist.  Igor stresses that the universe of fetishes and rock and roll are big influencers of his clothes.

See slideshow above for more images from Igor’s F/W 2014 collection.

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