Who said grooming cannot be an art form? Who said because you are a man it is okay to leave home with dry skin? Who said big unruly beards will continue to be acceptable? Carmelo Guastella sets the record straight by letting you know how to carry your self – grooming-wise.  Carmelo is a Men’s Grooming Expert and he proves to you why he deserves this title in this great interview. His many accolades include the GQ’s “Barber of Choice”, and in 2014, he was appointed International Ambassador for Dove Men + Care Expert Shave Range. 

Life is short, and when you step outside your home, you are representing your life (thus far) as well as your aspirations, so you have to look the part.  Hair, skin, clothing, scent, etc. are all little billboards we carry and advertise to the world.  Make sure your billboards are telling a good story.  Carmelo makes you want to be a man who is aware of what can be controlled so you can control the hell out of it.

Read this enlightening piece below.

“I do not like the big beards, I am glad …”

Please tell us about yourself – where you are from, where you grew up, where you live now, and how you got into the world of grooming?

I grew up in a small town called Ribera (Sicily),  I have been in London since 1999. I was taken as a Barber apprentice in 1984 when I was 9 in Sicily, my Father wanted me to learn a Mestiere (learn an Art) and I haven’t looked back since.

How do you describe your current profession?

I call myself a Artistic Barber because since a young age I have shown good artistic qualities. As I have gotten older, I call myself a Men’s Grooming Expert.

Who, what, where is your biggest inspiration?

Throughout my 30 year career I have never stopped learning.  I have worked in many Barbershops and with many talented hairdressers and I have always learned something from everybody. Every change of place of work has always been a step forward. I have always learned and keep on learning from the people around me.

What is your ultimate goal with your career?

At this time, I have no set goals, I like it this way. My goal is to keep on doing what I enjoy. I have set plans in the past and they always changed because maybe they were just fantasies and dreams.  I now enjoy what I do day by day, work hard and see what opportunities may come my way.

What are three of the most critical things you think every man should know about grooming?

1) Invest in a good haircut or what I call the Designer Haircut

2) Never leave the house with dry skin, look after yourself

3) Smell nice dress well

We know of your affiliation with Dove Men, how did this come about and could you tell us about the implications of this affiliation?

I was called in by Dove to give my advice on shaving and my knowledge on products.  It  was and is still a great working relationship.  I am proud and honored to have been asked by Dove to be part of this new project.

What hair/grooming trend do you wish would go away forever (or never come back)?

I do not like the big beards, I am glad they have reached their peak. I’m ok with styled beards and designer stubble.

What hair/grooming trend do you want to come back (or stay forever)?

I want to see more guys having longer hair (no Mullets or bobs) and making bolder decisions, rather than always asking for the same short back and sides.

You have been immersed in men’s style and fashion for a long time, in your view, what are some style/fashion essentials that you feel no man should be without?

Every man should know and always have available his favorite styling product.

Who past/present or dead/alive do you think has/had the most fabulous and immaculate grooming style?

Tom Ford.

How can people get in touch with you, procure your professional services and/or keep abreast with your activities?

If you need more info or want to get in touch visit www.carmeloguastella.com and follow me on Twitter: @CGuastella1

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