Indisputable Japanese Excellence: Man of Moods and Mountain of Moods
Written by: Andrea Filodrem All Images courtesy of MofM

MofM(man of moods), a brand dedicated to sensitive individuals attuned with their moods and open to evolution, was founded in 2004 by champion snowboarder (and model) Masakazu Fukuyama (seen directly below) and friends.  The ethos of MofM is steeped in outdoor comfort combined with precision Japanese tailoring. The flagship shop of MofM was launched in Daikanyama, Tokyo in 2008.  In 2010 Masakazu took full charge of the brand design and direction.  In 2013, Masakazu felt the need to move the brand’s main office from Tokyo to the country to be closer to nature or more specifically to be close to Mt. Tanigawa in Gunma due to his ongoing love affair with snowboarding. 

In 2015, Masakazu launched a spanking new and brilliant outdoor line called ‘mountain of moods’.  This offshoot brand is has a focus on individuals who seek versatility in clothing due to the participation in various athletic activities.  All the pieces in this line have thoughtful technical and utilitarian features.  Masakazu found the creation of ‘mountain of moods’ necessary because although snowboarding will always be his first love, speed-hiking, climbing and fishing have swiftly become passions that he embraces wholeheartedly.

To be brutally honest, whether you are an outdoor activity maven or just a stylish couch potato MofM …

Both MofM and mountain of moods have release Spring/Summer 2016 collections that are both devastatingly beautiful and thoughtfully useful.  Japanese excellence is never in doubt as you examine the precision of tailoring and the eye for detail within the collection.  To be brutally honest, whether you are an outdoor activity maven or just a stylish couch potato MofM and Mountain of moods will haunt your mind for a while because all pieces are truly desirable.  See some pieces from collections below:

MofM Spring/Summer 2016 selected looks

mountain of moods Spring/Summer 2016 selected looks

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