Insightful Revelations with Sally Paton
Written by: Kwesi Adjin Photography by: Ben Ferrari

We are proud to say that Sally Paton (Australian born and NY-based model) is a great friend of Style.No.Chaser.  We pride ourselves with getting to know and featuring women who possess beauty but are not defined by it.  Although Sally is a model currently signed to Muse Management NYC, she brings much more than her physical attributes to the table.  She possesses an insatiable appetite for learning through travel, and a razor sharp and enlivening wit that can slice into and awaken the dullest of topics.  Sally has taught us that judging a book by its beautiful cover is sometimes warranted because the contents can occasionally be beautiful as well. 

In our exchange with Sally, she gave us a brief history of herself, provided some illuminating insights on attributes that she feels define a man, and deftly (and very wittily) breaks down six ways to determine if a guy is a “creep” or not.  See this fun read below.

“The creep comes in many forms. Working in the modeling industry has …”

Tell us a little about yourself and your career so far.

I started modelling when I was around 17 (I am now 21) for a local artist, David Collins from my hometown Perth. His work is very nouveau and decadent. He encouraged me to get signed to an agency which I did alongside pursuing double degrees in Communication and Marketing at the University of Western Australia. But halfway through, I was asked to move to Sydney to model.  Since then, I’ve been travelling and modelling around the world.  I have been in New York City for two months now and before this, I was living in London.  I feel like during these formative years of my life I’m going to learn so much more by living in different countries and being thrown into one of the most exciting and unpredictable industries in the world.  When I’m not modelling, I spend most of my time doing my favorite things – cooking while listening to music and throwing dinner parties! I grew up cooking with my Dad.  Back home, we have a vegetable garden so cooking straight from garden to table is what I miss most about home.

What attributes do you think most define a man?

Magnetism:  You can tell a lot by the company a man keeps. A good man will attract good people.

Passion: I don’t care what kind of a job a guy does but I get confused when anyone tells me ‘I hate my job’ – then change it! There is nothing more sexy that a man with passion and drive. A love of cooking, wine, art, music, travel and the ability to share these passions is probably the most defining quality I look for in a guy.

Music: The music he listens to! I can’t help but feel drawn to men who love the same music as me: Frank Zappa, Neil Young, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Nick Cave. I feel like similar taste in music means you have similar outlooks.. Right? Haha, maybe I’m crazy!

The ability to take the piss out of himself: I think not taking yourself too seriously and a self-deprecating sense of humor takes confidence and is really endearing!

What are six ways in which you identify a ‘creep’ or a ‘creepy guy’?

The creep comes in many forms. Working in the modelling industry has however led me to meet a new powerful form of creep: the affluent creep. But disguised behind his well-manicured exterior, attractive friends, and intriguing confidence is a creep that should be feared and never revered.

Creep Eyes: The eyes are the window to the soul or, perhaps, just a window into a guy’s mental bedroom where he’s aggresively masturbating to photos of you with your Mum at your grandfather’s birthday celebration (yes, he’s been to your facebook page). His mentally conflicted lack of eye contact, wandering crab eyes darting back and forth, distracted by other people passing by, or his phone, your phone, your assets, his assets in the mirror behind you. Even holding eye contact beyond what eye contact should be held….. All signs of a creep.

Self-Indulgent Social Media: Always has photos of himself posing with attractive girls as if attractive women are simply a status symbol or form of currency. The more attractive girls you can squeeze into the frame the better.

Avoids Direct Communication: Always writing you Facebook messages, short texts and invites to ‘events’ but never directly calls you? Creep. Seen him out but haven’t spoken to him ever, yet he’s very happy to send long flirtatious messages via the Internet? Creep. Suggests you Skype and when you connect he’s lying in bed shirtless? Oh baby that’s a creep.

One-Sided Conversations: Communication with them involves them talking about the successes in their life and nothing more. At the end of the conversation, you realize they don’t even know where you live yet you know the name and address of their business partner.

Lack of Understanding When it Comes to the Common Principals of Personal Space: Thigh touching, close talking and not following the leads of your body language? Creep.  A creep will always be too self-indulgent to take time to sense what you’re comfortable with.

All His Friends are Younger: Probably because everyone else his age sees through the money, talk and shallow posse and sees that he is, in fact, a creep who needs to grow up.

Make sure to follow Sally on Instagram @ohsallycinnamon_ and see more amazing pictures of her  – she is in the process of rebuilding her followers after her last account was deleted by the nipple police.

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