Introducing Aspire: “Barely There” Eyewear
Written by: Staff

Aspire Eyewear, from NY-based optical industry leader ClearVision Optical, showcases a design achievement so innovative that Aspire was chosen for its name. It offers a “barely there” fit and feel with eyewear that is lighter, thinner, stronger, and more pliable than anything previously launched for this market. How so? Well, the proprietary material is so lightweight that its nose pads do not leave marks on the wearer, which often occurs with wear of heavier plastic frames. On average, it’s 50 percent lighter than a typical acetate frame, 50 percent thinner than a typical acetate frame, 22 percent lighter than a typical titanium frame.Pretty sweet, right? There are a variety of styles to match any look you’re going for – preppy, classic, fashionisto…You want it, they have it. We’re packing a few for our Labor Day getaway, because not only are they super lightweight, but they’re affordable so it’s easy to snag more than 1 (Most styles are under $300). 

We always get very excited when brands are able to meld soaring style and function in such a seamless presentation.

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