Is Preacher AMC’s Next Hit?
Written by: Staff

So AMC has been on a really great run with the quality of episodic shows they’ve been putting out. Since Breaking Bad had its glorious final season this year, Walking Dead seems to have been handed the baton and is performing extremely well. But we all know that one hit show doesn’t a cable network make. AMC angled for a new hit with the gritty Detroit drama Low Winter Sun, but all it really did was garner some low winter ratings.

Rumored to be coming up next for AMC is the cable television adaptation of the DC/Vertigo comic book series, Preacher. Here is what it’s all about:

“An angel and demon copulate and give birth to a nefarious spiritual entity named “Genesis.” This spirit is so evil that even the Almighty God himself vacates his throne in Heaven to avoid dealing with this nasty creature. Genesis goes on to possess a preacher in a small Texas town named Jesse Custer, resulting in the bloody murder of his entire congregation and complete decimation of his church. So to find meaning behind the bizarrre happenings, Custer embarks on a journey across the United States to seek God, and find a way to defeat Genesis. On his travels, he is accompanied by his old girlfiend Tulip O’Hare and a hard-drinking Irish vampire named Cassidy. Together they encounter all types of unsavory, depraved charactors and delve deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of sex, violence and pure evil.”

Sounds like a lot of gory fun, doesn’t it? It’s also a good bet because it already has an in-built fanbase. Another tidbit; apparently Seth Rogan is one of the producers behind this project. We’ll have to wait and see if this sees the light of day in 2014. We’re definitely rooting for it at Style.No.Chaser’s headquarters. 

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