Is This the Flyest Vape on the Market?
Written by: Dice Clemenza Photography by: Ben Ferrari

…It might be.  I’ve tried my share of vaporizer products, from the legendary Volcano, to it’s cheaper derivatives, to G Pens and the like.  Each one of the devices I’ve tried in the past have succeeded to varying degrees and some have had some clear downsides.  The Volcano for instance, plugs into the wall and and has little pieces you can lose.  It’s copy cats tend to be overly complicated as well and generally seem kinda cheesy.  Some of the portable vapes I’ve tried get pretty hot and tend to break down ultimately.  They all take a while to heat up, which sucks…

The Firefly comes to market to strike a well played balance of the best of everything.  It’s design is nice, like REALLY nice.  The lines are reminiscent of the type of products Americans used to design in the 50’s and 60’s, like Ford Thunderbirds and toaster ovens worthy of placement in the MoMa.  It’s the brainchild of co-founders Mark J. Williams and Sasha Robinson, who come from Apple and Nike, respectively.  

The Firefly is heavier than you would expect but has the type of reassuring weight that a really nice watch has or say, an iPhone (pre iphone 5, when they still had some heft to them.)  The main selling point of the Firefly, aside from it’s classic design and quality manufacturing, is the fact that it is operable instantly upon pressing the power button.  The Firefly heats up to a cranking 400 degrees fahrenheit over the course of ten seconds by holding down the heat button.  So basically, you can turn it on and start puffing.  My experience shows that holding down the button for about 5 or 6 seconds before hitting on a freshly packed bowl yields excellent results.  Continuing to hold the button (until the LED light turns solid green) and going in for an immediate round 2, yields an impressive thick pull of vapor, that is uber-satisfying.  Downsides at this point seem to be battery life.  I’m going through batteries like crazy with this thing.  Luckily, it was supplied to me with 4 batteries and an external charger (sold separately, it comes supplied with a standard AC power cord).  I also don’t know if it has an ‘auto off’ feature, it seems to, but I’m not sure how long it stays on before turning off, this could be the root of my power concerns as I have just been putting it down and forgetting to power it off. (I wonder why??)

All in all, the Firefly is a really well thought out product.  This is easily the sexiest vaporizer I have ever seen or held.  It is smooth, classy, doesn’t feel cheap at all, and delivers with the high quality of the vapor it supplies.  Combine that with the ‘instant on’ feature and it is pretty badass.  If I were to rate the Firefly on a scale of 1-5 stars, I’d give it a 4.5, with a half star deduction for the potentially sketchy battery life.  However, swappable batteries basically take care of this.

The Firefly is $269.99; extra batteries and chargers are $30.00 each at

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