Joe Chia A/W 2014
Written by: Kwesi Adjin

Avant-garde designer Joe Chia’s A/W Collection titled Chapter 4 (Joe chooses to name his collection in chapters) is a journey into clothes that look like sophisticated military mountain wear.  The clothes look like uniforms for deep thinking people herders (leaders) who don’t need to use guns.  There is a definite sense leadership and discipline in the garments.  The color palette is dark – you have grays, blacks and some blues.  The silhouettes are slightly more varied – with bulky looks, droopy shoulders, some loosely tailored ensembles, dropped crotch trousers and plenty of fun with different lengths of tops, jackets, coats and pants. The clothes are made with very deliberate functionality – they can be word in different ways.  The pieces are serious, functional and fun (if the military can ever be fun).

This award winning Malaysian designer debuted in 2012 with his eponymous ready-to-wear clothing line.  Since then, he has garnered the respect and following of the fashion world.  Four chapters later, Joe Chia has painted his forward thinking ways into the minds of fashion pundits.  Joe Chia explains that ‘Chapter 4’ as being “ a different message which we wish to portray even as we are inspired by military elements. It’s a new uniform for all of us. This collection is about peace, making love instead of war. The realization that violence does not solve issues and changes start from us“.  Wow!!  Joe Chia’s website is currently under construction but the brand’s Facebook page is quite vibrant.

It is always fun when researching these fabulous artists that we call designers.  You find out the most awesome stuff.  Some things of note are that: Joe’s girlfriend is (or was in 2013) smoking hot model Shir Chong and Joe has collaborated with brands such as G-shock and UNIQLO

See images of the collection in slide show above.

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