Julian Zigerli A/W 2015 Collection
Written by: Salomey Shyouse All Images courtesy of Julian Zigerli

Disarming metallics, fancy pants jogging pants, bold casual suits and gutsy tailoring make up the A/W collection from Swiss designer Julian Zigerli.  There is a wearable shock factor at play here that draws you in and makes you think about the diverse ways you can mix and match this collection with items from the collection as well as with items from your closet.  The fabrics look futuristic but also dated, nostalgic but also space-age.  How does he do it? The color pallet used is as diverse as the collection itself with browns, silvers, blues and blacks making up the lion’s share of the exhibit.  Julian is definitely targeting the hip sportswear community and we think he might have something here.  Keep up with the designer on Facebook.

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