Julius F/W 2014/2015
Written by: Kwesi Adjin

The brand ‘Julius’ started as an art project by Tatsuro Horikawa in 2001.  About his collections Tatsuro said “I feel there are many different elements inside myself that contribute to the creation of a collection. I create the collection when these differing elements accumulate to such a point that they form into one exceptional vision or idea.”  About color Tatsuro said “Black is always the base of my creative palette. “Black” symbolizes the Avant-Garde and has a deep spiritual and noble meaning for me. I am obsessed by the image of “Black” in Japanese Religion, in Zen. It represents and utter grief.”

Japanese designer Tatsuro Horikawa sees fashion and art as the same thing intertwined by lines, shapes, textures and visual assault.  To say that Tatsuro is conceptual is a massive understatement.  He wants to express and he wants you to feel as though you are interacting with his concepts in an unadulterated manner.  His clothes are experimental but in a very beautiful and quietly powerful way.  Imagine yourself wearing futuristic and fashion-forward clothes while conducting nuclear experiments in outer space.  Form fitting pants look constricting and full of freedom and expression at the same time.  With his Julius collection, Tatsuro Horikawa wants to add your life and not your closet.  The clothes assault you visually but also beg for questions that have something to do with philosophy, freedom, exploration and confidence.  Due to the generous of black in his Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collection, one is tempted to label the clothes as goth or dark.  However, to be honest, categorizing the clothes as goth or dark are too simplistic and pedestrian.  There are some white pieces in the collection and these provide contrast without taking away from the thought provoking undertone. Leather is used freely and imaginatively through cut, fit, texture, shape, texture and process.   You don’t have to be a rock star to rock these clothes but you do need to have a sense of self and even a sense of humor because it makes one laugh at the why we take everything so seriously.  Style.No.Chaser commends innovation and bravery and Julius gets a medal of valor for both.  

See all the looks in the slideshow above. 

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