Kas Kryst A/W 2014
Written by: Kwesi Adjin

“Bright”, “Flowery”, “Happy” and “Normal” are all words that you should dare NOT use to describe Kas Kryst’s A/W 2014 men’s collection (or the women’s collection to be thorough). The clothes in the collection are weird, dark, stylish and all about a subculture that does not seem to care about your soft feelings.  The collection tells you to go out and rock hard.  Don’t be scared of all the ‘sheeple’ who all look alike – be brave and wear black and sometimes also wear shinny metallic jackets with unique lapels.  Long dark raincoats styled to perfection are also a good bet.  Don’t forget vinyl – vinyl pants and tops complete this collection titled “X”.  The unapologetically strong clothes come from a designer that could hail from no other place than Poland.  There is definitely a subculture of rebellion and angst being portrayed here but there is also a sense of awareness of what is actually wearable.  Pieces in the collection can undoubtedly be mixed and matched with other brands to form very solid combinations.

Kas Kryst is a young Polish designer studying in her final year of Clothes Design at the International School of Costume and Fashion Design (MSKPU) in Warsaw.  She loves structuring clothes and playing with different textures which is evident in all her collections.  She states that the A/W 2014 collection is inspired by the 1980s.  She has been exhibiting for two seasons at Fashion Week in Poland and there seems to be a lot of momentum propelling her women and men’s line to success. 

See video of her Poland Fashion Week Show of the collection (men and women) below:

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