Kielo F/W 2015 Collection
Written by: Frederick Gavern All Images courtesy of Kielo

Japanese fashion label Kielo (by Erika Mizuno and Yuta Yajima ) delivers its F/W 2015 collection in deliberate 1950’s style.  The collection, which leans on heavy references from the “Beat Generation”, boasts a bold take on a decade where icons such as Allen Ginsberg (author of Howl), Jack Kerouac (author of On The Road), William Burroughs (author of Naked Lunch) and Bob Dylan, ruled artistically and stylistically.  Titled “The Dreamers”, the collection’s name has a twofold meaning that refers to individuals who dream or have dreams as well as Bernardo Bertolucci’s film with the same title.  The clothes are quite awesome and the photography is on point with soft blues and browns with some sparks of color when appropriate. Wide collars, bell bottoms, thick looking wool fabric, well cut herringbones, chambrays and corduroys make ample appearances in the collection that tugs at nostalgic heartstrings with effortless precision.  The setting for Kielo’s collection is invigorating and we cannot wait to see where the brand goes next.  

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