KILLER CURVES: Q&A with Natalie Uhling

Natalie Uhling is a perfect subject for our “Women We Love” section. She’s sexy, confident, smart and built like a sleek, vintage Ferrari. She’s a highly sought after fitness trainer (with celebrities and professional athletes as clients) and is also one of the faces for global sports brand Under Armour. And get this, before entering the fitness world, she attended F.I.T. and worked at respected fashion companies like Nicole Miller and Ralph Lauren. So in other words, in the Style.No.Chaser universe, she’s pretty close to flawless. Read our exclusive Q&A with her below. 

Growing up, did you always know that you wanted a career in fitness/training?

Yes!! I wanted to be a fitness guru since I was a little girl! I loved being on stage and performing. I started choreographing routines at a very young age. I did my first solo talent show when I was in the first grade to the song by Billy Ray Cyrus “Achy Breaky Heart.” I created my costume, designed the dance and performed it in front of the entire elementary school. I was pretty “fearless” at a young age. Movement and music are two things that are deep rooted in my body … I was born to do this.

Can you explain to us what your NUFit program is all about – what are the major principles it consists of?

NUFit program fuses the best elements of kickboxing, dance and toning in a 1-hour high intensity, music-blasting workout. Be ready to SWEAT and leave feeling ENERGIZED! The major principals for the NUFit program combine unique elements of cardio, strength and flexibility in a way that is designed to shock your body.

I have worked with a lot of professional athletes and celebrity clients in my career and it has been a remarkable experience.  I must say though I really love working with professional athletes! I recently worked with professional tennis player Sloane Stephens and I was blown away by her dedication, drive and passion for the sport of tennis.  

What do you think is the main thing that holds so many people back from eating healthy and living an active and fit lifestyle?

Change! I think people are afraid of change and doing things outside their comfort zone.  It’s hard to break bad habits and it takes a shit ton of disciple and drive to actually stick with it. The person has to want it on a level that only they can explain.  If they are not hungry for change it will never happen. It starts inside first.

Especially in the United States, the media and magazines dictate to a lot of people what’s healthy and beautiful – what are your personal views on this?

I think you need to do what’s best for YOU! Everyone has his or her own definition of “beauty,” and I think if it works for you, do that!

Before settling into your fitness career, you attended F.I.T., and worked at Nicole Miller & Ralph Lauren – what would you say were the most valuable things you learned at these different stops?

HARD WORK! I worked my tail off and I learned so much from the powerhouse women that I worked for. I also learned the power of creating an actual “brand.” Ralph Lauren is one of those brands that is a more than a logo it is a complete lifestyle and vision … his story and dedication to what he truly believes is one of my biggest inspirations. The RL brand has staying power and for me that is the definition of a true visionary.

Talk to us about Under Armour – how did you end up becoming one of their faces?

Under Armour and I are a match made in fitness heaven. We have a synergy that is undeniable. I honestly think it was a little bit of luck and fate when I first met UA on a random casting call that my friend suggested I go to.  The woman who changed my life is Michelle Tanney who was the VP of Women’s at the time.  We met each other that day and she gave me my first shot! I booked the advertising campaign with them that year and the rest is history.  Today my influence and role with UA is on a much larger scale and I am one of their leading ladies and female forces!

You’re also a fitness model – what do you like most about modeling  – what’s your least favorite part about it?

The thing I like the most about modeling is when I can really get crazy on set and kick all the other models butts! I do this often … I especially love working with men and bringing them to their knees! I am super competitive so I always love working with dudes. Female power all the way. I don’t have a least favorite part. I really enjoy it.

So we know you live a really healthy lifestyle – but when you decide to give yourself a treat,what’s your guilty pleasure? And also when you out for a night of dancing, what’s your favorite alcoholic drink?

I love M&M’s! I love chocolate. I don’t drink so my drink would be water with lemon! Don’t worry … I can still rip up dance floors without alcohol.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

Fun, laid back and I love mixing and matching high and low priced brands with a pop of color.  I also love a good vintage find from thrift stores! Whenever I travel home to Sun Valley, Idaho I do my usual shopping spree at all the local vintage stops. Finding vintage Pendleton jackets is a must find.

What traits do you find most attractive in a man?

Honesty, Intelligence and of course athletic! I also like people that are on time! I know that might sound silly but I am always on time!

Do you have one motivational quote/saying that always keeps you pumped when you’re working out? 

“When you do things from your soul, other people really dig that shit.” That quote is on the back of my Natalie Uhling Fitness t-shirts! I love it.

Lastly, any big things coming up for you in 2014 you want to tell us about?

2014 is going to be a HUGE year for me! I would love to share but you will just have to keep watching to see how the story unfolds! xxx

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